Free dance at Nationals
Competition Leo for Level 6
Eliana and Ethan Peal Free Dance
Samantha Puhl Free Skate
Matsumoto/Mays Free Dance @ Nats
Airbrushed Synchro Dresses
Convertible Dress for Paso
Hand-painted and dip-dyed
Dip-Dyed silk skirt
Eliana and Ethan Peal Waltz
Dip-Dyed and rausched
Adult Pairs National Competitors
Original Dance at Nationals
Eliana Peal Free Skate
Level 6 Competition Leo
Dip-Dyed with Cabachons
Competition Leo Level 7
Paso Doble at Nationals
Avant Garde Free Skate design
Cha Cha at Nationals
Dip-Dyed for Compulsories
Dip-dyed Free Skate
Original Dance at Nationals
National Pairs Competitor
Dip Dyed silk skirt
Integrated glove as snake's head